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Why I am against the boycott, by John Strawson - 18/05/05
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Ken Livingstone and antisemitism

Ken Livingstone is the Mayor of London. He is a populist and popular politician who is well thought of on the British left. Here are some links on his relationships to Jews and "Zionism".

The story of the Ken Livingstone / Oliver Finegold affair. Here. (David Hirsh, March 06)

'What makes 'red Ken' tick? Here. (Colin Shindler, November 05)

Shalom Lappin on Livingstone's claim that "this is about Israel, not antisemitism". Here. (February 06)

Some links from Workers' Liberty on Ken Livingstone's history. Here.

Jonathan Freedland on Ken Livingstone. Here.

Ken Livingstone: "[P]erhaps they're not happy, perhaps they could always go back to Iran and see if they do better under the Ayatollahs…" Here. (David Hirsh, March 05)

Simon Pottinger on Livingstone's "they could always go back to…" line. Here. (March 06)

Guardian leader on Livingstone. here. (March 06)