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Why I am against the boycott, by John Strawson - 18/05/05
Susie Jacobs on Israel=Apartheid - 20/05/05
How Anti-Zionism lays the basis for open antisemitism 06/07/05
The activist test - 25/05/05
A victory for the Left - 25/05/05
Their AUT and ours 25/05/05
The original Engage founding statement
Letter by lawyers representing Hebrew University rebutting allegations
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Ariel Sharon Invites the Boycotters to Dance - 2 May 05, David Hirsh
Rebuttals to Mearsheimer and Walt
The Bellagio Affair
The anti-imperialism of idiots
George Galloway, Stop the War Coalition, SWP, Respect
Ken Livingstone and antisemitism
Engagement with those who speak for the "Jews for Justice for Palestinians" statement
Clare Short MP - Israel and Hizb ut Tahrir
David Clark's Guardian piece and responses
Chris Davies, MEP, resigned after sending abuse to a Jewish constituent
The left and antisemitism
Antisemitism on the left
Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism and Palestine Solidarity
Jihadi and Islamist antisemitism
Antisemitism not left or Islamist
Arguments against the boycott
The pro-boycott campaign
Engage responses to the Jewish and Israeli right
Israel and South Africa: Zionism=Apartheid?
The singling out of Israel as unique evil in the world
Some comedy
Mearsheimer and Walt -
Opposition voices to the boycott in Palestine
The Boycott
UK academic unions: AUT , Natfhe and the UCU
Israeli universities are not aparthied universities
The University of Haifa - An Overview
Isaac Deutscher, Trotsky’s biographer, on Zionism, written 1954 and 1967
UCU Election Candidates' Responses
The Boycott, Freedom of Speech, and the Boycotters - Anthony Julius talk at Bar-Ilan Conference 2006
Gems from the UCU email activist list
Speeches from Engage Meeting 11 July, 2007

The left and antisemitism

Antisemitism On the Left – an outline of the Engage argument. Here. (David Hirsh and Jane Ashworth, October 05)

Why the left has to be explicit about its opposition to antisemitism. Here. (David Hirsh, April 05)

Engage re-published Steve Cohen's classic book 'That's funny you don't look antisemitic'. Here. (1984)

Antisemitism is the new fault-line on the left – Jon Pike. Here. (March 05)

David Cesarani's book: 'The Left and the Jews / The Jews and the Left '. Here. (2004)

Nick Cohen's New Statesman article on contemporary antisemitism. Here. (October 05)

Alain Finkeilkraut on contemporary antisemitism. Here. (Summer 05)

Sean Matgamna: "What is left wing antisemitism?" Here. (October 05)

Interview with Pierre-Andre Taguieff on antisemitism. Here. (Translated by Alexandra Simonon, December 05)

The antisemitism of the '68ers in Germany. Here. (December 05)

Jewish trade unionists argued against the TUC's support for anti-Jewish immigration controls into Britain in 1905. Here. (Steve Cohen, October 05)

'Anti-imperialism of fools' – article in 'Searchlight' by Steve Silver. Here. (February 03)

Evelien Gans, professor of Modern Jewish History in Amsterdam, on contemporary antisemitism. Here. (2004)

Israel, antisemitism and the left – Brian Klug. Here. (January 06)

The left needs consistent action against antisemitism. Jon Pike on the desecration of a synagogue in Brighton. Here.

History: Charles Lindburg's anti-war speech in 1941: this is a Jewish war, America should keep out. Some contemporary paralles? Read the speech. Here. (1941)

The Workers Liberty archive on left wing antisemitism. Here.

A discussion between David Hirsh and Adam Keller, of the Israeli peace block. Here.

If I say "Zionist" not "Jew" then I can't be antisemitic, can I? Here. (Dave Rich, September 06)