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Thank you to everybody
Added by David Hirsh on September 29, 2007 12:28:49 AM.
Jane Ashworth plays a central role in Engage - as important as mine and Jon Pike's. She's been organizing, she's been talking, she's been negotiating, she's been advising. She's a talented political brain and a talented political organizer. Well done Jane Ashworth.

Alexandra Simonon, managing editor, was resonsible for creating the website and pulling together the network. She also did the vast majority of the work on the journal. She has been writing, schmoozing, organizing, editing, chasing.

Adrian Cohen, The Commander, Malachi, was always important - his London Jewish Forum is important and his knowledge and contacts are important.

And of course lots of other people too. Roger McCarthy and David Zarnett have been working on the Forum - editing, writing, moderating comments; Eric Lee too. Kate Waterfield - who organized our successful public meeting in London and is now acting as our co-ordinator.

Richard Gold has been working up North - speaking at meetings, organizing meetings, drawing people in to the campaign.

There were the UCU members who endured having the most absurd, antisemitic and mendacious emails dropping in their inboxes from the UCU activists list - day after day, sometimes hour after hour - and who took it upon themselves to resist the lunacy: Eve Garrard, David Seymour, Mira Vogel, Ariel Hessayon, Harriet Tenenbaum, Stephen Duke, Josh Robinson, & David Miller. The story of the activist emails ought really to be told now. They were often shocking - and shocking to me who has seen it all before. Special thanks to the comic Stephen Flaherty and the menacing Keith Hammond - both were great for motivating people to keep on keeping on.

Thanks Michael Yudkin for his Oxford scholarly clarity - and particularly the piece he wrote in the Engage journal. Of course thanks to our other 'big prof' friends too (including nearly big profs), particularly Robert Fine, Colin Shindler, John Strawson, Brian Brivati, Philip Spencer, Vic Seidler, Sasha Roseneil, Kirsten Campbell, Oonagh Reitman, Josh Cohen, Alison Diduck, Christine Achinger, David Cesarani, Eric Heinze, Istvan Pogany, Jeffrey Ketland, Larry Ray, Paul Frosh - and everybody else.)

Thanks to our blogging friends - in particular David T & Gene & Dan 'Muscular Liberal' at Harry's Place, Norman Geras, Shalom Lappin and Eve Garrard at Normblog. Of course Jeff Weintraub too and Bob from Brockley. Lenny Grob, Moises Salinas, Christopher McDonald Dennis, Barbara Epstein of Janip; Ralph Seliger; Hak Mao; Jim Denham at Shiraz Socialist.

Of course Alan Johnson at the magnificent voice of clarity and liberty, Democratiya.

Arieh Lebowitz at the Jewish Labor Committee in New York City - Arieh puts everybody in touch with everybody else.

Thank you Steve Cohen, for That's Funny You Don't Look Antisemitic and for your scorching piece on anti-Zionist McCarthyism, I would hate myself in the morning.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have helped with fundraising - thank you to the people who gave us 5 and thank you to the people who gave us much more and everything in between.

Special gratitude to Anthony Julius, who watches our backs - and more. Who better? And our backs need watching.

Thank you to the CST, particularly Mark and Dave.

Special thanks to the sharp and energetic Arieh Kovler, with whom it was a pleasure to work.

Thank you too, to the next UCU General Secretary, Jimmy Donnaghey.

I'm worried now because of course I will have missed people out - please accept my apologies, don't be shy, drop me an email, remind me.