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Socialist Workers' Party's explanation of the Holocaust doesn't mention Jews
Added by David Hirsh on August 19, 2008 08:23:14 PM.
Socialist Workers' Party's explanation of the Holocaust doesn't mention JewsThe Socialist Workers Party has put out a petition against a British National Party event in Derbyshire. They say that one reason that the BNP should be opposed is:
"They deny the holocaust where thousands of LGBT people, trade unionists and disabled people were slaughtered..."
This explanation of the Holocaust [with a small 'h'] makes no mention of Jews and it numbers the victims in the thousands rather than the millions. Jews are not mentioned at all in this anti-Nazi text.

What sort of mindset makes it possible to forget the Jews when explaining about the Holocaust and Holocaust denial?

A socialist could only make such a mistake if he or she operated in a profoundly antisemitic milieu.

Why does the fact that mistakes like these can happen not open peoples' eyes to the reality of antisemitism on the left?

Why will people fail to see the significance of this mistake and why will they accuse authentic antiracists and Jews of making mountains out of molehills?

On the bottom of the petition it says clearly that it is 'initiated by Socialist Worker...'

The Socialist Workers' Party is an important part of the campaign to boycott Israeli academics.

See the whole leaflet on the Drink Soaked Trots website.

See also the Workers' Liberty website.

Thanks to Mark O, to Will and to SP

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