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Ben Gidley's review of Jacqueline Rose
Added by David Hirsh on September 13, 2008 02:37:16 PM.
Ben Gidley's review of Jacqueline RoseIf you haven't yet seen Ben Gidley's review of Jacqueline Roses' The Last Resistance in Democratiya 14, it is well worth a read. Here's just one short passage:
"...Indeed, she perpetuates the second myth: she describes the 'the Jews' as being in danger of 'transporting their own legacy of displacement, directly and perilously, onto the soil of Palestine.' (p.47) This claim is problematic in three ways. First, it essentialises Jews: again figured as the Jews. Second, it reduces a complex story which, for instance, includes Jews moving to Israel from many lands (some scarred by the Holocaust, others not), which includes the complicity of some Arabs in Nazism and the involvement of some others in helping Jews to escape the Final Solution, which includes the many positions within the Zionist movement on the form a Jewish national home might take, which includes the geopolitical context in which the Jewish state was created into a simple story: the Shoah 'directly' transported onto the soil of Palestine. Third, it sets up a false equation between the Shoah and the Nakba, two tragedies which are each unique."

"One of the problems with Rose's account of Zionism, and with the straight line she draws from the Shoah to the Zionist state, is that it ends up treating Zionism as one thing, as a wholly coherent, unified, empirical reality. But Zionism has always been, and remains, a heterogeneous phenomenon: an idea, a mass movement, a state or, rather, a cluster of ideas (some contradictory), a diverse movement, a hybrid state. Related, then, to the question of whether Freud's critique of nationalism is applicable to all nationalisms (including Arab nationalisms) is the question of whether Rose's critique is of Zionism as such, or only one version of Zionism. Often in the book, Rose offers a critique of all Zionism, of Zionism as such."
Do read the whole piece, here.