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Motion passed by the National Union of Students National Executive Committee
Added by David Hirsh on August 03, 2006 07:55:55 PM.
Motion passed by the National Union of Students National Executive CommitteeNEC Believes

1) That on the 22nd of July, George Galloway attended a rally in London and said that “What I’m about to say is illegal in this country … Hezbollah has never been a terrorist organisation. I am here to glorify the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah, and to glorify the resistance leader, Hassan Nasrallah …”, that Mr. Galloway went on to wish aloud that more Arab leaders were like Hassan Nasrallah and that at this same rally, placards were displayed that read, ‘We are all Hezbollah!’ (See video here)

2) Hezbollah is implicated in the following selected instances:

Bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia killing 19 U.S Servicemen (1996

Bombing of Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aires killing 96. The largest terrorist attack ever to take place on Argentinean soil, and the largest attack on Jewish non-combatants since World War II (1994)

Bombing of Israeli Embassy, Buenos Aires killing 29, injuring 242 (1992)

Abduction, torture and death of CIA Station chief in Lebanon (1985)

The kidnapping of around 30 other Westerners between 1982 and 1992, including U.S. journalist Terry Anderson, British journalist John McCarthy, the Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy Terry Waite and Irish citizen Brian Keenan.
Car bombing of U.S. embassy on Beirut killing 241 & car bombing of French military barracks in Beirut killing 58 (1983)

3 That Hassan Nasrallah in his speech on the 9th of April 2000 at the Shi'ite Moslem "Ashura" flagellation ceremony, called ‘Nazi atrocities’ a legend ‘invented by the Jews’ and called for the dissolution of the state of Israel on the grounds that "Anyone who reads the Koran and the holy writings of the monotheistic religions sees what they [the Jewish people] did to the prophets, and what acts of madness and slaughter the Jews carried out ..."

"Anyone who reads these texts cannot think of co-existence with them, of peace with them, or about accepting their presence, not only in Palestine of 1948 but even in a small village in Palestine, because they are a cancer which is liable to spread again at any moment..."

NEC Further Believes

1) George Galloway is clearly not ignorant of Hezbollah’s history of violence and the killing of innocents knowing his comments may breach the 2000 Terrorism Act

2) By expressing support for Hassan Nasrallah George Galloway is supporting a leader who is openly antisemitic and a holocaust denier.

3 The views expressed by Hassan Nasrallah as the leader of Hezbollah and applauded by George Galloway run contrary to the values of our union: solidarity, peace and respect.

4 Hezbollah carries out acts of terror and as such should be viewed as a terrorist organisation.

NEC Resolves

1 To condemn George Galloway for his comments and support for the racist, antisemitic, fascist leader of Hezbollah.

2) For the Co-convenors of the Anti-Racism campaign to write a letter to the Respect party condemning their current stance on the crisis in the Middle-East, and for this letter to be sent out as a press release.