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Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign remembers the Holocaust by blaming the "Zionists" - Mikey
Added by David Hirsh on December 11, 2006 01:25:34 AM.
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign remembers the Holocaust by blaming the It has recently been announced that the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) will be staging the entirely discredited play, "Perdition". The Royal Court Theatre in London had originally planned to stage the play, written by the British Trotskyist Jim Allen, in 1987. The play alleged that "the Zionists" collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust and went so far as to imply that "the Zionists" positively desired the slaughter of Jews in order to help them generate sufficient public sympathy and jewish emigration to found the State of Israel.

At that time, two eminent historians, Martin Gilbert and David Cesarani, as well as both Stephen Roth, a first hand witness to the events discussed in the play, and Rabbi Hugo Gryn, a Holocaust survivor, pointed out to the theatre management both numerous factual inaccuracies in the play and how offensive they found the play. The play was also vilified for historical inaccuracy in editorials and major articles in The Guardian, The Independent, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. The theatre management ultimately pulled the play after they lost confidence in it. Naturally, this change of mind by the Royal Court was portrayed as a manifestation of the Zionist power to prevent free speech.

When the play was published in book format, the publishers could not find even one respectable historian to agree with the author on the historical facts in the play. The person they did find, whose book was used as a basis for the play, was the American Trotskyist, Lenni Brenner. As I have pointed out previously, Brenner's work has come under devastating scrutiny from historians. I cannot think of a respectable historian in a book on Zionism that would have more references to Leon Trotsky than David Ben-Gurion, as Brenner does. None of this stops the Scottish PSC, who will be taking Brenner on tour with the play for discussion and debate.

The SPSC certainly knows how to cause offence. Only a couple of weeks ago they were promoting a concert by the antisemitic saxophonist, Gilad Atzmon. Regular reader of Engage will not need reminding about the odious views and comments Atzmon has made about Jews in the past. Here is a Jazz musician who circulated an article by Paul Eisen, which defends Holocaust deniers, and all Atzmon could say about it was "my take on the subject is slightly different than Paulís one".

As far as the Scottish PSC is concerned, the best way to remember the Holocaust is to remind everybody that the "Zionists" were responsible for it.

Meanwhile, the President of Iran is holding a state-endorsed conference for Holocaust deniers in Tehran. He is, remember, an "anti-Zionist" not an antisemite. He is also busy building an anti-Zionist nuclear bomb - with which to target "Zionists" but not Jews.