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Engage Mailings

27 Frebruary 2009 Jacqueline Rose and Howard Jacobson.

17 February 2009 David Hirsh's presentation at the London Conference

22 October 2008 UCU must act decisively to stop resignations

11 July 2008 UCU approaches crisis as members resign and de-recognition

July 1 2008 UCU must act to stop Jews resigning

30 May 2008 UCU backs thinly veiled boycott motion

25 May 2008 Some Must-Reads before you vote on Wednesday at UCU Congress

19 May 2008 Anti-boycotter defeats pro-botycotter in straight fight for a place on UCU NEC

3 May 2008 UCU Congress approaches - 6th debate about excluding Israelis from British campuses in 6 years

19 April 2008 Vote Stephen Desmond.

12 April 2008 Classic Engage Links. Pass this email on. Spread the word.

8 April 2008 Latest from Engage

26 March 2008 National Executive of UCU backs new boycott proposal

7 March 2008 Engage's Pike elected to UCU NEC and Hirsh debates Seumas Milne

1 February 2008 Vote in UCU & Talks at SOAS by Les Back, Anthony Julius, David Hirsh, Robert Fine, Jon Pike

28 December 2007 It is wrong to accuse Sari Nusseibeh of Antisemitism

19 December 2007 Ad for David Hirsh's SOAS event... Read the full article.

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