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Engage challenges contemporary antisemitism.  Contemporary antisemitism nearly always appears using the language of anti-Zionism.  \\\'Anti-racist\\\' anti-Zionism is often reckless about creating an ideological foundation for, and licensing, more openly antisemitic discourses and movements.  For more on Engage, click here.

We are a resource for the monitoring and the critique of left and liberal antisemitism.

The website has two streams.  One, the FORUM, is fast and responsive, with up to date news and opinion.  This stream will also be a resource for co-ordinating campaigns.

The other stream is the JOURNAL, for rigorous, academic and political writing on antisemitism.

Read Steve Cohen\'s 1984 book on left antisemitism That\'s Funny You Don\'t Look Antisemitic. An exclusive re-publication by Engage, with a 2005 introduction by Steve Cohen.

Read David Hirsh\\\'s Yale Paper Anti-Zionism and antisemitism: cosmopolitan reflections.

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