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The Boycott
Engage's arguments and archives on the campaign to boycott Israel.
This link takes you to Engage's central arguments regarding antisemitism. Sections on left antisemitism, anti-Zionist antisemitism, Jihadi and Islamist antisemitism, and others. Sections also on Galloway, SWP, Respect, Livingstone, Clare Short, Chris Davies and "Jews for Justice for Palestinians".
Israel and South Africa: Zionism=Apartheid?
The case for the boycott is straightforward. Israel, goes the argument, is the new apartheid state, and we know what to do with apartheid states: boycott them. This archive gives lots of facts and arguments to de-bunk the Zionism/apartheid analogy
Mearsheimer and Walt - "the Lobby" and "Zionist" conspiracy
In Spring 06, Mearsheimer and Walt, two conservative international relationms professors in the US, wrote an academic paper that claimed that the "Israel Lobby" had forced the USA to invade Iraq, in the interests of Israel and against its own interests. Mearsheimer and Walt played a pivotal role in making anti-Zionist conspiracy theory respectable.
The Singling out of Israel as a unique evil in the world
Some pieces that examine the thesis that Israel is a unique threat to world peace, an essentially racist state, the greatest human rights abuser on the planet.
AUT, Natfhe and the UCU
Engage was born in order to oppose the campaign for an academic boycott, which was trying to win the British campus unions over to supporting an exclusion of Israeli academics. Here are some pieces written by Engage about the unions. Engage supports our unions. We want them to be free, united and strong. But we don't want them to be picketing Israeli Jewish lecturers.
Some Engage responses to the Israeli and Jewish right
Critiques of the demonization of Palestine and of essentialised and unhistorical theories of antisemitism
The anti-imperialism of fools
August Bebel referred to antisemitism on the left as the Socialism of Fools. Some contemporary thinking on the left may well be described as the anti-imperialism of idiots. These links take you to critiques of some of this thought, with a focus on the Israel/Palestine question.
Some comedy
Some comedy and some antisemitic comedians.
UCU Election Candidates Responses
Responses from candidates running in the upcoming UCU elections in March 2007.
A Voice from the Aliens
About the anti-Alien resolution of the Cardiff Trade Union Congress, courtesy of No one is Illegal.